Five Truths

Approaching the end of eight-and-a-half decades living, for me five truths seem self-evident.  None is original.  I’m too lazy to look up the sources.

  1. Happiness is our default.  Suffering is a choice.
  2. Now, this instant, is the only time there is.
  3. I only control my thoughts, muscles, and impulses.
  4. I act out of ignorance, fear, and anger, or wisdom, courage, and love.
  5. I’m only here to help.

The Big Lie

Folks who’s purposes it serves, trumpet and repeat the Big Lie.  Their followers kowtow to a leader, fail to exercise reason and common sense, or yearn for a Savior.

In the previous century, Adolph Hitler’s Big Lie was blaming the Jewish people for Germany’s woes.  Today Donald Trump and a cadre of archconservatives’ Big Lie is, by “rigging” and “stealing” America’s 2019 presidential election, Liberals installed Joe Biden in the Oval Office.