M*A*S*H Wisdom

M*A*S*H’s Major Frank Burns captured today’s Rightwing, Trumpian mindset:

“The way I see it, if we don’t all march in step, if we don’t do as we’re told, if we don’t follow our leaders blindly, there’s no hope of saving our freedom.”


 January 9, in “Five Truths” I wrote, “Happiness is our default.  Suffering is a choice.”  Today, I see Ukrainians massacred and fleeing Vladimir Putin’s missiles; I see Americans living on sidewalk and in tents.  My cavalier claim about suffering demands serious scrutiny.

People denied food, shelter, and healthcare, victims of war, famine, earthquake, tsunami, suffer!  In hindsight, I’m chagrined to realize the “choice” I had in mind is a luxury a fortunate few, like me, can afforded, what someone—Albert Camus?—labeled “existential angst.” 

I remain convinced happiness is our birthright.  Genes and life screw it up.


If you’re puzzled by Donald Trump’s fawning over and obvious envy of Vladimir Putin, it’s simple.  The wannabe American and real-life Russian Dictator are alter-egos, matched, sociopathic, narcissistic, Sixth Grade Bullies!  Incarnations of Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, and Adolf Hitler.

Will it never end?


Today, it is important to keep our life in perspective.

While we Americans fret over $5 for a pound hamburger or gallon of gasoline, Ukrainians crowd onto railcars, or walk into Poland, carrying their worldly possessions in a plastic bag, leaving daughters, sons, spouses, mothers, and fathers amid the smoldering remains of homes and apartments demolished by Vladimir Putin’s missiles.

Praising Putin

Since his ham-fisted assault on Ukraine, Vladimir Putin’s grows increasingly isolated.  From Australia to Switzerland countries put the economic squeeze on Russia.  Global protests erupt.  In Russian streets, Vladimir’s people rally against his savagery.       

It is ironic and astonishing that vociferous praise for Russia’s Dictator comes from Americans!  Donald Trump calls the Russian dictator a “genius  .  .  .  How smart is that?”  At a Florida weekend conference, the Americans First Political Action Committee’s Nick Fuentes called for, “a round of applause for Russia!”  His audience responded, “Putin, Putin, Putin!”

How, in the country of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, where “all men are created equal,” where millions sacrificed, suffered, and died protecting our country from a demagogue like Vladimir Putin and wannabe demagogue Donald Trump, could this happen?  What in the names of God and common sense are these people thinking‽ 

Many Americans were puzzled by Donald’s fawning over Vladimir.  We know that Putin worked to get Trump elected and reelected.  We recognize his subversion behind reactionary right-wing efforts to commandeer America’s government.  With “genius  .  .  .  How smart is that,”  “a round of applause for Russia,” “Putin, Putin, Putin!”, this evil force rears its ugly head.

A psychopathic, narcissistic, Vladimir Putin is Russia’s dictator.  Cheered on by mindless MAGA Minions, a psychopathic narcissistic, Donald Trump yearns to become America’s dictator.