President Donald Trump’s Fabricatons and Lies Revisited

In April, after cherry-picking a few of “President Donald Trump’s Fabrications and Lies” I pointed out that a Google search on the subject brings up over seventy hits!  April 29 the Washington Post’s Fact Checker reported that since taking office the number of President Donald Trump’s fabrications and misleading claims had reached 10,000!

The latest—as of last evening—compels me to revisit the subject.  Concluding his recent Korean taxpayer-funded, campaign photo-op Trump claimed that the Obama Administration’s “begging for a meeting” with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un was rebuffed.  President Obama’s Special Representative for North Korea, Glyn Davies’s, 2013 testimony before the Senate Committee On Foreign Relations makes clear overtures toward North Korea were never even considered.  The Trumped-up allegation is a bald-faced lie!

What makes me crazy is, apart from enumerating Trump’s lies, no one, not Nancy’s Team, no Democrat, not the media, ever challenges him up close and personal, face-to-face, about his unconscionable, relentless assaults on truth!  Would someone please look the man in the eye and say, “Mr. President these repeated, outlandish claims have no basis in fact!  They are lies!”  If he know this—a Roy Cohn (Google him) protégé should—Trump’s lies are calculated and deliberate.  If he doesn’t, if our President believes his irrational horse-crap, a mad man is loose in the Oval Office!

I’m okay disagreeing across the board with President Trump’s politics.  What fascinates and alarms me is his seeming absolute inability to understand or appreciate basic ethics and morals, the foundations of civilized life and discourse.