Border Control

Mexico doesn’t appreciate its power over America.  If Mexico’s government ordered its citizens in America to come home and posted troops on the northern border to keep them there, it could guarantee that within weeks, if not days, the United States would be on its knees, pleading for fruit pickers, poultry and meat plant workers, gardeners, ditch diggers, dishwashers, and hotel maids to work at fair wages, with decent working conditions and health care, doing the essential tasks eighty percent of Americans can’t or won’t do.

I know little of world history.  Somewhere I picked up the impression that Rome’s downfall was triggered in part by lazy citizens relying on slave labor.  If I’m mistaken please correct me.  With Mexicans performing a significant part of the labor in our country and companies exporting jobs to sweatshops in China, Mexico and India, are we following in Rome’s footprints?

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