Snow Globe

Mind is a snow globe, a crystal sphere with tiny people, animals, trees, houses inside.  Thoughts and feelings are snow flakes.

A child, I became obsessed with shaking my little globe, fascinated by the mini- blizzard, not realizing the swirling flakes make the people almost impossible to see.  So I build snow people, images of how I think others think, feel, believe, even I suspect, look.

I continue to shake, plan, scheme, worry, to build snow people.  What if I stopped?  If I allowed the snowflakes to settle, what would I see?

I’m told if I stopped creating my blizzard, let the flake settle, if I’d just sit and look, really look, I’d see others, and myself, as we really are.  Even in knee-deep drifts, snow on our heads, flakes on our noses, we’re all perfect just as we are.  No need for snow people.

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