It’s said Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden represent the status quo, old-fashion politics, business as usual in D.C. It’s true! It even has a name: Democracy! It’s civil debate and compromise. It’s respecting the loyal opposition, even when I vehemently disagree with their politics and policies. Democracy is not mean and rude.  It is not taunting, shoving and name-calling like a sixth-grade Bully! Democracy is not saying whatever serves your immediate purpose regardless of truth or fact!

Borrowing on English poet and philosopher John Donne, “No man (no nation, not even America) is an island.” Without the respect and cooperation of other nations we cannot survive. Our American Democracy does not thumb its nose, does not give the finger to the rest of humanity. The most favored people on Earth are duty-bound to do all we can—more than our share—to make life better for all people!

There’s a sense I earned and deserved this free and favored life. I didn’t and I don’t! Those who went before, parents and grandparents centuries back earned it. My responsibility is to preserve and pay it forward! My responsibility is to leave America and every nation on planet Earth more livable and safer for those to come.

With its full share of sins and shortcomings, each American administration, Democrat and Republican, represents Democracy in action. To this is point in time, none was a Trumpian/Putinian Oligarchy.

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