Call A Cop

If you defund or do away with police, who will you call when

  • you witness a head-on between an SUV and log truck?
  • kids at the bus stop say a man in a green van grabbed your nine-year-old daughter?
  • Janice next door screams “Help!”?
  • a stranger holds a knife to your ribs and takes your wallet?
  • some creep snatches your purse?
  • kids are dropping bricks from a freeway overpass?
  • your Lexus or Kia disappears from the parking lot?
  • a Corvette speeds, dodges and weaves, forcing an Outback onto the shoulder?
  • your thirteen-year-old daughter left her friend’s house three blocks away at nine, is not home by midnight?
  • a stray Rottweiler grabs your four-year-old’s cheek?
  • a man is exposing himself in the schoolyard?
  • you pull in your driveway and see your front door is kicked in?
  • and on
  • and on
  • and on

Got a problem? Call a cop. Thank a cop.

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