We yearn for,

  • “These are the times try men’s souls” (T. Payne)
  • “Human happiness and moral duty are inseparably connected.” (G. Washington)
  • “We hold these truths to be self-evident . . .”
  • “We the people of The United States of America . . .”
  • “Four score and seven years ago . . .”
  • “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”
  • “Ask what you can do for your country.”
  • “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!’
  • “I have a dream.”
  • “There’s not a liberal America and a conservative America – there’s the United States of America.”

Now, choosing pebbles from a gravel pile,

  • “Carry ‘em out on a stretcher”
  • Mocked a handicapped man.
  • “The beauty of me is I’m very rich.”
  • “I just start kissing them. . . . Grab them by the pussy.”
  • Haiti and African nations are “shithole” countries
  • About rioters at the Charlottesville white supremacist and neo-Nazi “Unite the Right” rally, “You also had people there were very fine people, on both sides.”
  • “Everybody loves me.”
  • “I am a stable genius.”
  • COVID 19 in America is “totally under control,” “going away,” “even without (a vaccine) it goes away”
  • When Peter Alexander asked what Trump could say to Americans who are afraid, “I say you are a terrible reporter!”
  • Bragging
  • Mean
  • Rude
  • Insulting
  • Name-calling