Going Postal

“Neither rain nor snow nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”  But, a candidate desperate to disenfranchise voters and rogue Postmaster General can try. 

Ignoring it for three-and-a-half years, three months before a mail-in election President Trump decided to fix the U. S. Postal Service.  Chronically “broke,” for two-and-half centuries America’s Postal system was never broken.  The double entendre here is “fix”.

Characteristically, Donald J. Trump’s attempt to kneecap the US Postal Service before a mail-in election was not subtle.  Naming a million-dollar contributor with neither need nor reason to know a mail-drop from the cuckoo’s nest Postmaster General formed the centerpiece of Donald’s scheme to rig the election.  Eliminating processing machine, confiscating curbside mail boxes and cutting employees’ overtime, effectively slowing delivery, Louis deJoy delivered a ham-fisted punch to the gut of mail-in voters.

Interviewed outside the White House, President Trump told reporters the Postal Service “hasn’t run properly for many years, maybe fifty years.”  Moments later, asked how his overhaul would affect folks receiving Medicare checks, Trump’s reported his Postal System “running very well.”  Which is it Don, “not run properly” or “running very well”?  Any notion the U.S. Postal Service turned a hundred-and-eighty degrees the day de Joy came onboard or over the two months since is absurd.

In this interview, President Trump referred to a mysterious “they” who divert Postal money to states with Democrat governors.  My understanding is, post offices on Long Island in North Dakota or San Diego operate under identical parameters and funding.

Parsing Donald’s word salad ranges from maddening to impossible.  It helps to bear in mind that whatever serves our President’s immediate purpose is his truth.  As the words leave his lips he believes them.  What comes next is a crap shoot.  Fixing a Postal System which has “not run properly” for decades makes Trump look good.  Assuaging voters worried about not receiving checks by mail, a Postal system “running very well” makes Trump look good.