Donald Trump is delusional.  Stephen Miller seems sane and savvy enough to know, no matter how long or hard you beat it, a dead horse will not win the race.  Does his slate of “alternate” electors represent the death throes of a failed Administration or something sinister?  Groping for an answer, “Fascist” sprang to mind. 

In the Roman Empire, “magistrate” or magistrates were the highest government officials.  Their symbol of office was a bundle of rods wrapped with ribbon, holding an ax head, “fasces.”  Carriers of the law, the magistrates’ word was final.  Fascism and Fascist derive from fasces.  Older Americans may recall fasces on the obverse of our Winged Liberty Head dime.

Wikipedia calls Fascism a “far right, authoritarian untranationalism.”  Truth is, Right to Left, Conservative to Liberal, Reactionary to Radical, we are each a Fascist!  We have the Truth!  Why can’t you knot-heads get it?  Be reasonable, do it my way.

Ideologies promulgate through Power, War, Politics and Subterfuge.  My impression is, throughout human history Power, Fascism, was the norm.  Emperors, Kings, Dictators, War Lords and Despots defined and enforced their Law, their Truth.  Far from unique then or now, Adolf Hitler’s and Benito Mussolini’s Fascist regimes stand out.

Drawing on firsthand experience, in taking the Power option off the table our Founding Fathers were meticulous.  A century later, seceding through War was laid to rest.  Joe Biden’s electoral landslide settles our current Political decision. 

Leaving a “stratagem to conceal, escape or evade,” subterfuge.   Ridiculous on its face, Stephen Miller’s “alternate” electors stands zero chance of effecting the election.  Falling back on a cliché, what does Stephen have up his sleeve? 

An hypothesis: Hoping to cement a Right Wing Oligarchy, Donald Trump got a Political foot in the Oval Office door.  Miller’s “electors” are a wedge somehow to hold the door open.

Happily our Constitution, the Founding Fathers’ model, is indestructible.  In the end, conflicted and pained as it may become, Wisdom, Courage and Charity always triumphs over Ignorance, Fear and Greed.  “We the people” remain solid.

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