Wrongful Death Revisited

In a March 28, CNN, Dr. Sanje Gupta interview, President Trump’s Coronavirus Response Coordinator, Dr. Deborah Birks, opined that after one-hundred-thousand American deaths from COVID-19, “all of the rest  .  .  .  could have been mitigated or decreased substantially.”  For his repeated lies and denials about its lethality and refusing to lead the battle against this scourge, President Donald J. Trump is culpable for the suffering of tens-of-millions and Wrongful Death of over one-hundred thousand Americans! 

Repeating from March 17: 

Wrongful Death: “A civil action against someone who can be held liable for a death.” (Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute) 

Liable: “obligated according to law or equity.  .  .  .  RESPONSIBLE” (Merriam Webster) 

Bob Woodward has Donald on tape saying, early on, he recognized COVID-19’s catastrophic implications, but lied about its inevitable impact and didn’t lift a finger to ameliorate its spreading across America. 

For the loss of loved ones to COVID-19, families have a compelling Wrongful Death case against President Donald J. Trump!


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