It Was Treason!

January 6, 2021, President Donald J. Trump called-up and commanded MAGA Minions to assault our Capitol, preempting Congress’s Constitutional mandate to certify the states’ electors.  Thankfully, hazarding physical injury and death, vastly outnumbered Capitol and D.C. police quelled the mob.

Upward of 140 were injured in the melee.  Four assailants and, the following day, one police officer died.  Three of those who defended the Capitol and Congress have died by suicide

Clearly, the failed coup was a “crime of doing something that would cause danger to your country  .  .  .”*  It was Treason!

An incomprehensible irony is, the folks who, on January 6, attempted violently to overthrow the Government of The United States of America call themselves Patriots!  By August 4, 2021, our Justice Department had indicted 555 insurrectionists.  Twenty-four have plead guilty.  Two are incarcerated.

I am astonished and bewildered that the man who ordered the attack, like a loose cannon, remains free to spread his seditious rants and lies.  Why, in the name of sanity and justice, is Donald J. Trump not sporting an orange jumpsuit, at the very least indicted for Treason? 

*Oxford English Dictionary

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