I Wonder? (Again)

I’m told folks refuse COVID-19 vaccination for fear of negative, long-term consequences and/or they don’t want Government telling them “what to do.” 

Regarding long-term consequences, vaccination advocates point to the rigorous scientific protocols and testing which make America’s National Institutes of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Gold Standards for certifying vaccines and other medicines are “safe and effective.“

Regarding being “told what to do,” for “the common good” our government formulates statutes and regulations mandating certain actions and forbidding others.  Do my anti-COVID-19-vaccination friends refuse to comply when the Government “tells them”:

  • To vaccinate children for measles, whooping cough, polio, and the rest?
  • To pass tests and be licensed to drive a motor vehicle, practice Medicine or the Law?
  • To license their motor vehicle?
  • In Oregon—surely other states—to insure their motor vehicles?
  • To use seat belts?
  • To obey traffic regulations, signs, and lights?
  • To buy a license to catch fish or kill wildlife?
  • Not to steal other people’s money or property?
  • To pay taxes?
  • Not to murder?

I wonder?

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