Desperate Times

In America’s most recent presidential elections, 2 Republicans, George W.H. Bush and George W. Bush, and 7 Democrats,  Bill Clinton (2), Al Gore, Barak Obama (2), Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden won the popular vote!  If, arguably, G.W.H. rode Ronald Reagan’s coattails to one term, and, unarguably, the Supreme Court gifted G.W. one term, it seems clear the majority of American voters favor Democrat over Republican platforms and presidential candidates.    

Seeing they can’t win popular votes, Republicans concoct “stolen” elections, cajole Georgia’s  Secretary of State for 11,780 bogus votes, mount a seditious assault on our Capitol, Congress, and Constitution, gerrymander, enact regulations designed to limit ethnically non-white and lower income voter turnout, and empower state legislatures to overrule majority popular votes.

Desperate time for the Grand Old Party.