Counsel For The Defense

I’m dumbfounded that Donald Trump can continue thumbing his nose and giving the middle finger to America’s laws and remain unindicted?  Then, I recall my two weeks on a jury.

A lady was suing two surgeons for medical malpractice.  After hearing the plaintiff’s case, at the conclusion of week one my feelings were, in effect, “hang the incompetents scoundrels!”  After hearing the defense, at the conclusion of week two I voted with nine of twelve other jurors to acquit.  (Two non-voting alternates concurred.)  What changed my mind?  Lawyers!

Plaintiff’s counsel presented an adequate but lackluster performance.  Defense counsel paired polished argument with a personable manner.  Debriefing with our judge, I observed, “If I needed a lawyer, I’d hire the defense counsel, Mr. Morgan.”  A fellow juror responded, “If you could afford him!”  In hindsight, I suspect the defense counsel was a $500 an hour Malpractice Specialist retained by the Insurance Company.

Some attorney opined that any prosecutor worth the price of his sheepskin can convince a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich.  Ours was not a grand jury, but I’m convinced that the twelve of our jury who voted to acquit were swayed primarily, not by evidence, testimony, witnesses, x-rays, and laboratory tests, but by a slick, Big City, Hired Gun.  The poor plaintiff was hopelessly outlawyered!

In O.J. Simpson’s trial for murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, Los Angeles District Attorney Gilbert Garcetti seemed to have a slam-dunk case.  In assigning Deputies Marcia Cark and Christopher Darden to go up against Simpson’s “Dream Team”: Johnny Cockran, Robert Shaprio, F. Lee Bailey, Robert Kardashian, Alan Dershowitz, Gerald Uelman, et al., Garcetti pitted Poodles against Pitbulls! 

My grandson, Steven, is a Prosecutor.  I asked why he choose prosecution over defense.  Steven explained, prosecutors have the flexibility equitably to consider evidence and apply the law.  A defense attorney’s sole purpose is to get the client acquitted.

A battalion of Litigious Gunslinger keeps Donald Trump out of court and prison.  So long as the ex-president can con his Minions into picking up the tab, he may remain free to thumb his nose and show his middle finger to America’s laws.