Karen asked why I obsess on Donald J. Trump.  For the same reason she closes her eyes and plugs her ears when he appears on TV. 

I obsess over Donald J. Trump because our forty-fifth President represents a clear and present danger to the safety and lives of Americans and American democracy.  More egregious examples supporting this truism are the then-President’s abject, paralytic failure to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on Americans, and his seditious attempt to overthrow our government.

Despite fiscal meltdowns such as the Trump Taj Mahal, Trump Castle Hotel and Casino, Trump Plaza Hotel, Trump Plaza Casino, Trump Hotels and Casinos Resort, Trump Entertainment Resorts, Trump University, and the Trump Organization being convicted of financial fraud and tax evasion, Donald J. Trump remains the World’s All-Time Champion Grifter!

Early on, melding Daddy’s fortune with his Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), young Donald had the ingenious notion of marketing his name “Trump”!  NBC’s “The Apprentice” took his brand public.  Reputedly, Trump viewed his fist presidential campaign as the World’s Greatest Infomercial.    

The TRUMP brand’s commercialization archived fruition with the flagship Trump Store in Trump Tower.  Those of us not favored to visit may view the   “, the official retail website of the Trump Organization” where a “COLLETIONS GOLF HOME & SPA MEN WOMEN SALE” includes MAGA and TRUMP caps, mugs, money clip, female and male apparel, necklaces, bracelets, bags, pouches, Christmas ornaments and more, much more!  Most of course, bear the trademarked and coveted “TRUMP” logo.

Donald continues scamming millions from MAGA minions.  His latest, for $99 suckers may purchase a card with Donald’s mug photoshopped onto characters ranging from a cowboy or Nasar driver to astronaut or Superhero.  According to the COLLECT TRUMP CARDS website, “There are hundreds of different cards featuring President Trump, each with its own rarity.”  Rarity‽

In the Greek myth, seeing his reflection in a pool, young Narcissist fell in love with his reflected image and stared at it for the remainder of his life.  I’ve pointed out, but it bears repeating, The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM5) defines Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) as, “a persistent manner of grandiosity, a continuous desire for admiration, along with a lack of empathy. It starts in early adulthood and occurs in a range of situations, as signified by the existence of any 5 of the next 9 standards,”

  • A grandiose logic of self-importance
  • A fixation with fantasies of infinite success, control, brilliance, beauty or idyllic love
  • A credence that he or she is extraordinary and exceptional and can only be understood by, or should connect with, other extraordinary or important people or institutions
  • A desire for unwarranted admiration
  • A sense of entitlement
  • Interpersonal oppressive behavior
  • No form of empathy
  • Resentment of others or a conviction that others are resentful of him or her
  • A display of egotistical and conceited behavior or attitudes

For Donald that’s 9 for 9 folks!  Narcissistic Personality Disorder on steroids!  To make this call, you don’t need to be a board-certified Psychiatrist.  Just look and listen.

Psychiatrists labels Donald J. Trump as exhibiting a Malignant Personality Disorder.  DSM5 does not use “Malignant.” Campbell’s Psychiatric Dictionary describes Malignant Narcissism as combining characteristics of Narcissistic and Antisocial Personality Disorders with aggression and paranoia , making the patient not only delusional but potentially dangerous

Amid the hype, hiding in plain sight but curiously overlooked, is the transitive verb “Trumped  .  .  .  to get the better of: OVERIDE”!  (Merriam-Webster)  To date, Donald continues Trumping rationale and law  If he is not stopped, Donald J. Trump remains a serious threat to the wellbeing of the United States of America, to you and me, indeed to the World! 

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