Men of Curage Explained

I put my last blog post on Facebook.  I’m saddened that on reading it a friend unfriended me.  Let me explain.

Mohandas Gandhi, Nelson Mandella, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Colin Kaepernick are individuals with the courage to speak up, to challenge an Institution.  Getting Great Britain out of his country Gandhi nearly staved himself to death.  Taking on  prejudice and racism in South Africa Mandella spent decades in prison.  Importing Gandhi’s philosophy and Mandella’s cause to America, King paid the ultimate price.  Putting career, wealth and fame on the line at age 29, Kaepernick picked up Mandella’s and King’s torch during our National Anthem.  It is significant that Kaepernick chose not a raised fist but a bended knee, a respectful supplication for redress of grievance, an exercise of Freedom of Speech under the Constitution of the United States of America.

If you know or guess who my unfriended friend is, please pass this on with my assurance I still love the guy and consider him, even if politically challenged, a friend.

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