Vaping is a Machiavellian assault on public health.  For me, it is impossible grasp the rationalization of non-sociopaths, inventing and marketing products intended to force toxic chemicals into human lungs.  A seeming absence of moral and ethical concern in those who aggressively markets such devices defies comprehension.

Of course, as always in the for-profit marketplace, it goes to the  “the bottom line,” the sine qua non, the sole goal of Capitalism: financial profit!  Anyone who denies this does not understand Capitalism, does not believe in Capitalism, or lies.  “Business ethics,” a definitive oxymoron: pointedly foolish.

Drugs—“dregs” from the bottom of the barrel—were here from the get-go.  Neanderthals had ‘em.  After tasting the odd leaf, berry or bug, if a caveman didn’t double up with cramps, puke or drop dead, it might became food or medicine.  Finding that certain organics and minerals alleviate physical pain and sometimes induce transcendent mental states, humankind tested and tweaked innumerable concoctions with scant concern for undesirable consequence.

As unfortunate and tragic outcomes became apparent, concerns for individual and communal health lead to monitoring, regulating and sometimes banning the use of certain products.  Today, science studies, tests and certifies “safe and effective” medicines.  The Federal Food and Drug Administration monitors and regulates what we eat, drink and ingest.  Medications are “prescribed” and dispensed by qualified professionals.

It doesn’t stop with food and drugs.  For the “common good,” from oil tankers to insecticides, air pollution to baby powder, canned corn to jet fuel we monitor and regulate.  We’re licensed to drive a vehicle or pilot an airplane.  We obey speed limits, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and stop signs.  The Occupational Health and Safety Administration protects workers from “on the job” injury or death.  The FAA assures aircraft don’t crash into mountains or each other.

Because we care about health and life we don’t build platforms on bridges and high-rise buildings to facilitate suicide! Knife makers don’t market “Wrist Slashers.” Restaurants don’t feature poisonous mushrooms.  And yet some entrepreneurs are free to create and market products potentially as destructive or lethal.

The vaping industry holds that using steam to introduce nicotine and other chemical into human lungs dodges the destructive impacts of tobacco smoke.  Trade hot toxic smoke for hot toxic vapor?  Now that’s progress!  With the burgeoning numbers of hospitalizations and deaths related to vaping, they argue that bootleg THC is the culprit.  No!  THC, no THC, it doesn’t matter.  It’s hot, toxic gasses in human lungs stupid!

Vaping is a game changer.  In our quest for food and potions, humankind groped through a dark forest, rarely guessing what waited around the next turn.  A Fairy Garden?  A Fire Belching Dragon?  Vaping followed a straight, paved, well-lit path to a door with a neon sign, “DANGER – Don’t go here!” above.  They went in, finding ER’s, hospital beds and funeral chapels.

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