Without rules and folks to enforce them civilized culture cannot exist.  Those who call for defunding and disbanding police would end the rule of law in Portland.  Unrestrained by laws and law enforcement, a handful of sociopaths and those too lazy to “earn” their living would be freed to destroy and pillage what conscientious citizens worked hard to get and create.  West Hills to Mt. Tabor, Milwaukie to the Columbia, no home or businesses would be exempted from the pillage and tragedy which has disgraced Downtown since spring.

Ironically, the mindless minions who cry out for no police, no government, don’t really want it. After Seattle’s government stepped back, allowing rioters to commandeer and govern several blocks, the mounting number of murders compelled the police to step in and save “The People” from themselves.

Under anarchy, only those with the most muscle, the most assault rifles, the most bombs, only the Biggest and Badest, thrive.  Those who survive suffer and scramble for scraps—no stretch I suspect, for many of Portland’s rioters.  If you doubt the end point of anarchy, look to several Central American, South American and African cities and countries.


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