A Disaster

I vow not to be snagged by Donald Trump’s nonsense.  Then he tosses out a new zinger, “Everyone knows mail-in-ballots are a disaster,” and I’m hooked.  The operative term is “everyone,” i.e. Donald J. Trump!  For a narcissist of President Trump’s caliber, he is everyone!

Human inventions, in-person and mail-in balloting have glitches.  Physical handicap, lack of transportation, old age and the leisure to stand in line, sometimes for hours, limit in-person voter turnout.  Beyond the Sun Belt, “the Tuesday next after the first Monday in  .  .  .  November(‘s)” weather can challenge voters’ stamina and commitment.  Curiously, while opposing mail-in voting today, by blaming his 2016 loss of the  popular vote on unqualified folks—i.e. undocumented, dark skinned and poor—visiting the poling place second and third times, Donald cast a ballot against in-person voting.

The democratic and Democratic ideal is having the maximum number of eligible citizens vote.  For decades three-quarters of Americans have enjoyed vote-by-mail options.  In eight states all ballots are mailed-in.  This experience proves that, far from Trump’s “disaster,” mail-in is secure, easy and assures robust participation.  Compounding Donald’s opposition is, mail-in voting might preclude Vladimir Putin’s ballot.

Chris Wallace asked what Trump would do if he lost the upcoming election.  “I’d have to wait and see,” suggests our President may have forgotten his third grade lessons on America’s electoral system.  It’s not your call Don.  The People decide!  Trump’s cryptic response raises the interesting and amusing notion he might show the electorate his middle finger and refused to vacate the White House.  Joe Biden points out our government has mechanisms for removing trespassers from federal property.

For America and our world what could be more of a “disaster” than crazy thinking in the Oval Office.

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