“Guardian” US tech reporter Julia Carrie Wong calls “QAnon a wide-ranging and baseless internet conspiracy theory  .  .  .  whose followers believe the world is run by a secret cabal of Satan-worshiping Democrats and Hollywood celebrities.”

The roots of conspiracy and conspiracy theory extend to the deepest soil and darkest history of human relations.  Without looking further into QAnon—What more is there?—nor suggestion a connection, I see today’s Right Wing trotting out a six-and-a-half decades old, Ronald Reagan rant indicting Big Government Democrats for stealing Americans’ freedom.

With President Lyndon Johnson in the Oval Office, Reagan claims “a little intellectual elite (Democrats) in a far distant capital (are) trading our freedom for security.”  Ronald is emphatic in opposition to remarks by Democrat Senator Fulbright that, “the President as our moral teacher  .  .  .  must be free so that he can do for us what he knows to be best.”  This in mind, how might our fortieth President view Red-Cap minions applauding, cheering, virtually genuflecting at every utterance from forty-five’s lips?

I fail to find facts supporting President Reagan’s implication that, trading “our freedom for security” Democrats have thrown Common Folks to the wolves.  Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal rescued Common Folks from the disaster brought on by Republican Herbert Hoover’s blind faith in Jowl Street.  Missouri haberdasher and Commonest of men, Democrat Harry Truman pushed forward Roosevelt’s commitment to put Common Folks back to work and paychecks in their pockets.  Laying Presidency and Party on the line, Democrat John Kennedy went all-in pushing Civil Rights legislation and women’s right to choose.  Like Truman, Common Folks peanut farmer Democrat Jimmy Carter proved too moral and honest to survive the bureaucracy and hypocrisy of D.C., and continues into his nineties doing hands-on carpentry with Habitat for Humanity.  Democrat Bill Clinton balanced our budget but was unable to overcome Republicans’ hard-headed refusal even to consider basic health care for Common Folks.  Against decades-long Republican opposition, Democrat Barack Obama expended enormous effort in finally achieving affordable health care for Common Folks.

By contrast, under Republican Donald Trump a handful of Billionaires gained power in America.  His consumer-funded tariffs and tax giveaways to those who already held enormous wealth loom huge in ballooning our national debt as over ninety percent of America’s wealth gravitated to less than five percent of its population while Common Folks sleep on the sidewalk and scramble for nickels and dimes.

Who holds power in America, a democratic Government or Billionaire Oligarchy?  QAnon’s and other nameless, faceless “conspiracies” notwithstanding, it is clear that with Donald Trump the latter took over.

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