Photo Ops

For me, three snap-shots leap from the photo album publicizing President Donald Trump’s Narcissism: Descending, as from Heaven, on a Golden escalator, posing like a cardboard cutout holding a Bible in front of a church and, most recently, posturing like Mussolini on a White House portico, swiping off the detested mask to reveal grim determination in place of the trademarked grin, directing a Presidential photo op for Red Cap Minions.  All to maintain the image of a man who, today, feels his back to the wall.

What began as “The greatest infomercial in political history” and led to the Oval Office, may prove Donald Trump‘s greatest curse.  Citizen Trump may well have continued skating around ethics, morals and the law, to a posh retirement at his Private Golf Club.  Presidency drew increased exposure and focus to a lifetime of blurred shenanigans and felonies.  As polls show diminishing hope for a second term, a potentially out-of-office Donald Trump faces litigation and indictments which could lead to financial collapse, even prison.

The tragedy of our forty-fifth President lies behind the photo ops and charade, the bluster, bullying and name-calling.  In the most inaccessible recesses of Donald Trump’s heart a sad little boy yearns and schemes for Love he never knew and has no notion of how to get or give.     

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