The Great Shell Game

The Brief Life of A Buck, a Dummy’s tale of a dollar:

New York Federal Reserve Bank creates and loans one dollar to Citibank which it in turn loans to Ford Motor Company.  Ford includes the buck in line worker Jerry Scudnick’s paycheck.  Jerry’s wife, Ann, passes the buck to Safeway for Enfamil.  Safeway moves it on to California Produce Co-op for tomatoes. The Co-op pays it to migrant picker Juan Garcia who wires the dollar to Juanita, his mother in Mexico City.  Juanita pays pharmacist Roberto a dollar in pesos for heart medicine.  Roberto passes the buck to Eli Lily Pharmaceuticals who include it in Connecticut Research Chemist Mike Young’s salary.  Mike hands it off to Wells Fargo in his $1225 mortgage payment.  Part of a loan payment ,Wells Fargo passes our dollar to the San Francisco Federal Reserve.  Depending on the economy, The Fed may loan it back out or erase it from the books.

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