The Deep State Conspiracy

Convinced a young black man he stole her cell phone, a young white woman attacked him.  Turns out, she left her phone in an Uber.  Convinced he won America’s 2020 Presidential election Donald Trump ordered his Minions to assault our Capitol building and stop Congress’s Constitutionally mandated certification of the states’ Electors votes. 

Perhaps arguably, the young woman’s accusation and assault were rooted in her assumption about black people.  As I understand, Donald Trump’s attack on American’s Democracy was rooted in his belief that a “Deep State” conspires to control America’s and the world’s resources and people. 

The cornerstone of our Criminal Justice System is “innocent until proven guilty!”  Proof demands evidence, witnesses, testimony, pictures, videos, fingerprints, documents.  Our young woman’s evidence constituted of nothing more than the young man’s skin color.  As I understand, our President’s “evidence” for a Deep State Conspiracy is codified in wholly groundless, unsubstantiated QAmon and other Social Media imagining.