Right Wing Radicals trash our Capitol Building, threaten to murder Pelosi and Pence, and attempt to stop Congress’s certifying Electoral votes. Flying to Florida, Kevin McCarthy pays fealty to an insane man.  Pistol in her belt, an insane woman taunts a Parkland massacre survivor and stalks Congress. 

Has the Republican party descended into madness?  We have to believe the sane majority will step forward and reclaim Honest Abe’s Grand Old Party.  

The Swamp

Americans are angry and exasperated that Congressional Democrats and Republicans can’t agree to disagree, negotiate and get on with The People’s work.  Some describe our Government as a “Swamp.”  It has a name: Democracy!  As Donald Rumsfeld famously observed, Democracy is “messy.” 

Alternatives to America’s “Representative Democracy” are Autocracy, Oligarchy and One-Party rule, which Donald Trump, not so secretly, champions.  Not being messy, each holds an advantage over Democracy.  China’s government, for example, experiences none of the conflict and haggling we seen in Washington D.C.  The tradeoff, of course, under Autocracy, Oligarchy or One-Party Rule the huge majority of “The People” are subjected to the agendas and whims of a powerful handful who have schemed and maneuvered their way to the top.   

Human history hinges on a dynamic balance between folks happy with things as they are and those who are not: Conservatives and Liberals.  Since 1776 America has wrestled over whose beliefs and agendas will prevail.  In my opinion, despite its messiness continuing to slog through Democracy’s Swamp is humankind’s best hope.   

Afterthought: Change is the only constant.  In another metaphor, those who would keep things as they are must drown in the incoming tide.