Monitoring lab test for the United States government, a young man falsely certified a positive marijuana urinalysis as negative.  For this foolishness, he served 27 months in federal prison.  Now middle-aged, the erstwhile offender bears the stigma and consequences of being a “convicted felon.”   

January 6, 2021, President Donald J. Trump orchestrated and ordered a seditious assault on our United States Capitol, Congress, and Constitution.  In the aftermath of this attempted coup, Attorney General Merrick Garland is pursuing upward of 700 Trump MAGA minions.  Around ten percent have received criminal sentences.  The rest await trials or plea agreements.

Their Commander in Chief, Donald J. Trump, remains unindicted.  Before confronting would-be King Donald’s Legal Eagles, it is imperative the Attorney General builds a proverbial ironclad case, cross every “t” dot every “I.”  He must not screw this one up!    

Chiseled above the portico of the United States Supreme Court building is, EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW.  If, for falsifying a single document, the Law locks away a young man for over two years, and Donald J. Trump remains unindicted, rampantly spewing his lies and vitriol, in Mr. Bumble’s words from Charles Dickens’s Oliver Twist, “the law is a ass – a idiot!”