A Well Regulated Militia?

It is argued that, under or adjunct to an until-now nonexistent “well regulated militia,” the Second Amendment contemplates armed citizens rising up to clean out a corrupt America government.  In addition to the complex command, control, and logistics supporting such a “popular uprising,” its actions and consequences are deeply troubling!

What is the line between righteous uprising and seditious insurrection?  Envision 30 or 40 million AR-15 armed Rambos patrolling America’s streets.  Who would lead?  Who would follow?  Who would they shoot?  Lay siege on our Capitol?  Firing squads for suspect members of Congress?  Good Guys and Gals rounding up undesirables, Liberals, neighbors?  Someone takes exception, unlimber the trusty ol’ Assault Rifle and blow ‘em away! 

It is impossible and terrifying to imagine the consequences of a mindless, chaotic assault on America’s democracy.  Anarchy or dictatorship seem logical outcomes, certainly not freedom and democracy.

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