It Worked!

Our 2022 midterm election tested and proved the mettle of America’s experiment in democracy.  Undaunted by groundless claims that the 2020 election was “rigged, on November 8, 2022, Americans voted, certain that every ballot would be fairly and accurately counted. 

Historically, in “off-year” elections the party “in power” loses Senate and House seats.  This year’s anticipated Republican “Red Wave” has been labeled a “ripple.”  Why?

Academic and wonks have erudite answers.  This armchair pundit’s belief is, the “Red Wave” barely stirred the beach sand because America’s democracy works!

With nearly equal numbers of Republicans and Democrats in Congress, Americans fret that nothing “gets done.”  In fact, two-party cooperation and compromise keep the wheels of government turning, cranking out new laws and regulations.  Some would argue that too many laws and regulations are the problem!

American’s close to 50/50 Democrat/Republican split, in Congress and at the grassroots, is a good thing.  Democracy depends on liberals and conservatives.  To feed the workers and disadvantaged, Democrats would mortgage the farm.  Republicans would deed it to the bankers.

A wave’s height is determined by the energy of currents and winds.  The obvious takeaway from failure of the 2020 Red Wave is, Donald Trump’s endorsing folks who Mitch McConnell and other Republicans described as poor “quality candidates”—like carpetbagger Mehmet Oz and Mental Superstar Hershel Walker—sapped its energy before the Wave reached the beach.

If the Grand Old Party does not regain its sanity and relegate Donald Trump to history’s backwater, its energy will be wasted in humoring a dangerous deranged mind.

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