Unfair? Political?

Learning that Attorney General Merrick Garland named Jack Smith Special Counsel to investigate: (1) the January 6, 2021, attack on our Capitol, Congress, and Constitution, and (2) Donald Trump’s taking government documents, to his Mar-a-Lago residence, Donald whined, “It is so unfair.  It is so political.”

Unfair?  Political?  Hummmm?  Let’s see.

The facts: In an aborted attempt to block certification of Joe Biden’s election as President of the United States, TV viewers saw Donald Trump order an armed assault on America’s Capitol, Congress, and Constitution.  A Department of Justice search found that, flaunting the Presidential Records Act, Trump ordering vanloads of official government documents, many “classified,” taken to his Florida residence. 

When someone attempts to hijack America’s democracy, and steals documents belonging to the people of the United States of America, rational citizens demand an investigation.  Donald J. Trump is irrational. 

The game is “Politics.”  Like so much of human life, Politics is unfair! Political discourse is rife with half-truths, lies, slander, ignorance, and meanness.  But, apart from Donald Trump, I am unaware of anyone labeling aspersions leveled against them “unfair.” 

People least sensitive to others’ feelings are the most thin-skinned.  Deeply offended by any hint of criticism, they view criticism as meanspirited, “unfair.”

Former President Trump might do himself a favor by considering the council of a Democrat.  Regarding the rough-and-tumble of Politics, President Harry Truman advised, “If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.”

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