The Steal

Compelling evidence Democrats did not “steal” the 2020 U.S. Presidential election:

1. From the day Joe Biden became the Democrat nominee, hundreds if not a thousand polls, including Fox News’, showed Joe leading Donald by 50 to 100 Electoral votes. Donald knew and fretted over this.
2. Throughout the campaign Trump made clear that if he did not win he would challenge the vote count.
3. For an absolute lack of evidence: witnesses, testimony, documents, affidavits, Judges threw out fifty-odd suits challenging the Electoral vote.
4. The Supreme Court refused to hear a Texas Attorney General’s case against Pennsylvania’s vote.
5. A hand recount in Wisconsin and two in Georgia affirmed the earlier results.
6. Trump’s alleged “steal” would demand cooperation and coordination, across the Unite States, of thousands of conspirators, without one glitch or leak.

In 2017 we sucked it up. Now it’s your turn.

It’s guaranteed that America and the World will be far better with President Joe Biden than after four years under a Mentally Unhinged, Sixth-Grade Bully?

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