Roller Coaster of Bumper Car?

Karen tells me Nostradamus predicted mass starvation in 2021.  Regarding predictions, as with UFSs and Big Foot, my Sweetie’s and my beliefs differ.  Claims of predicting the future raise my Super Skeptic. 

It’s the eternal Determinism versus Free Will question.  Predicting the future demands all was decided at some “beginning”; I have no control.  Free Will argues—or hopes—that I do. 

Am I strapped in a Roller Coaster or driving a Bumper Car?  Am I careening down the tracks at the whim of some Cosmic Engineer and gravity?  Or, while continually blindsided and knocked about by showoff operators, can I go, steer and stop?  In the Determinist scenario, the ride was decided by Folks who designed the course.  In my Bumper Car I have some control, but no hint where I’ll be when the Operator cuts the power. 

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